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Joe's Outdoor Sports Shop Inc. - Firearms | Chehalis WA revolver Vintage gun

We offer new and used firearms to make sure we can find the right fit for your needs. If we don't have the gun you want in our shop, we will arrange to get it somewhere else.  You deserve the quality firearms and we work hard to make sure we can deliver them.  

We uphold all warranties placed on firearms by the manufacturer.  If you are experiencing problems, bring your equipment into the shop and we will assist in fixing it.

We'll find the right

firearm for you

•  $30 transfer fee

•  $10 for each additional firearm

•  Shipping cost

•  New and used

Feel safe and assured you are getting the best quality from the most qualified people.  View our federal firearm license for your peace of mind.

Let us find the gun you're looking for


Dealer to dealer transfers

Manufacturer's warranty

Firearm transfers

Licensed and certified firearms dealer